We believe that our products should be more than just beautiful, they must also be environmentally friendly. That’s why we are committed to being as “green” as possible.

We sell sustainable products developed with the latest technology and engineered to be repaired, reused, and recycled. In fact, 95% of our products are designed to be used in the home for 15-20 years.

We invest four hours every week sorting packaging materials, production waste and old window treatments which results in our ability to recycle approximately 80% of the waste we generate.

We proudly support Habitat for Humanity by donating used materials. These products are given a "second life" in homes built by the organization.

While our products are built to last, normal wear and tear does occur resulting in needed repairs. Our staff is trained to service the products we provide. Likewise, our design staff has a keen eye for salvaging usable materials to be repurposed in future projects.

We are thoughtful about the effect our products have on the environment and that level of concern is passed down to our clients. We enter your home looking for ways to make it more lovely, comfortable and energy efficient.

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